Faq topics
1.What kind of bike is chedech?

Chedech is a small-wheeled city folding bike. We usually call it folding bike or folding mini-velo. Chedech is a city bike, not a mountain bike. Several fatigue tests have been conducted, and we are confident that our bike frame is strong enough for the rigors of urban riding!

2.Is chedech an experimental bike?

No! Chedech is not an experiment bike. Rather, it is a very practical bike. This is not much different from a standard, everyday high quality bike. However, this is the last bike that could have been possibly made of carbon, and we made it. In that way, it’s a huge advancement!

3.Wheel size

Chedech has a wheel size of 18 inches, which makes it interchangeable with other standard 18 inch wheels. Some bikes use odd sizes that are not standard, forcing the user to buy all replacement parts directly from that manufacturer at a higher cost. Again, we are using an android model for maximum compatibility. 16 inch is too small for the riding comfort level, and 20 inch would interfere with the folding mechanism. 18 inch is becoming more popular in this category of bicycle. Tannus currently makes an 18 inch puncture-free polymer tire that is perfectly suited for city bikes.

4.Iron vs Carbon fiber bikes

We have released Chedech with the very strongest carbon fiber available. It is light and durable! There’s always a bit of a trade-off. Many bike riders require a folding bike that is as light as possible, but rides smooth. Chedech appeal to riders who want a carbon fiber folding bike that includes some other exciting wish-list features. Having said that, there’s something to be said for good old British steel, and many bike riders would rather have a heavy bike that is nearly indestructible. Chedech will be durable, but it will not be a tank.

5.Why are there so few carbon folding bikes?

A carbon folding bike has not been easy for us to produce, and this may be why there aren’t many (if any) high quality, yet affordable models on the market.

6.Weight limit

This bike can surprisingly accommodate a wide range of riders. However, in order to maintain safety and a good ride, cyclists should be under 100kg.

7.Frame size limitation

Like all folding bicycles, Chedech features a one-sized frame. We designed it as a mini-velo, and therefore does not have the size flexibility of full-size  non-folding diamond “triangle” frames. We have designed it so that, the distance between the front wheel and the rear wheel is shorter than standard frames. The weight of the bike rider can be leaning backward when riding uphill and forward for riding downhill — our bike is light, so rider needs to be careful when traveling on steep inclines and declines.

8.Does the bike come in different size?

Chedech is a mini-velo folding bike. It only has one size frame. However, we will prepare two different handle type to help accommodate different size riders.

9.Rear suspension

We carefully considered whether or not to have rear suspension. It adds riding comfort, but also adds a little weight. Ultimately we felt that the suspension elastomer was an important component to deliver the ultra smooth ride you notice immediately.

10.What is the tire air pressure?

Currently, the air pressure is 85psi.

11.About chedech gear ratio

chedech is 5 gears model.
Chainring teeth: 46T
Casette= Sturmey Archer SRF5(w) 5-speed internal hub
(Sprocket teeth= 13T).

Gear Ratio:
• Gear 1 – 62.5%
• Gear 2 – 75%
• Gear 3 – 100%
• Gear 4 – 133.3%
• Gear 5 – 160%

12.Will the bike be rust?

A few small parts may be susceptible to rusting. For an example, the tip of brake line is covered by iron, which can rust. The majority of parts on our bikes will not rust.  We recommend that after riding, the steel parts be cleaned and dried off with a towel or cloth.

13.Where is the bike manufactured?

Our frame is built in China, other parts are from Japan and China. Assembly and quality control is done in Korea.

14.Once ordered, how long will take for the bike to arrive (shipping time)?

Shipping time varies. It normally takes about a week to ship from Korea to USA.

15.What initial assembly is required?

We ship fully assembled. Note:  You may need to adjust brake lever angle and a few other things to accommodate your body size.

16.What manufacturing safety standards are followed?

Safety test from Korea Certification inspection takes very strict and particular process, so people who had doubts about making a folding bike with carbon should now relieve.

KC (Korea Certification) Inspection process as follows:
1. Frame & Front Fork Assembly – Impact Test: A weight of 22.5kg is dropped onto the front axle of the upright frame-fork unit from a 180mm height.
2. Fatigue Test of Cycling Forces: Alternating push force on both side of pedal spindle for 100,000 cycles and having amplitude of 1000N.
3. Fatigue Test of Vertical Forces: Alternating push force on seat tube for 50,000 cycles and having amplitude of 1200N.

chedech perfectly passed all inspections points.

17.What is the liability policy?

Bicycling involves risk of injury and damage. By choosing to ride a bicycle, you assume the all responsibility for that risk, so it is important to understand and practice the rules of safe riding and of proper use and maintenance of your bicycle.


We would like to announce the increase of chedech’s frame warranty to three years. Initially, we believed that one year was enough, but we concluded that three years demonstrates greater confidence in our bike and provides customers with extra protection and peace of mind. Please check below “Warranty” for detailed information.


The Chedech Warranty covers defects in genuine Chedech manufactured bicycle frame, forks and folding mechanism, for a period of THREE (3) years. In addition this warranty only covers Chedech bicycles sold through authorized Chedech dealers. Please refer to manufacturers warranties for parts not manufactured by Chedech.

The Warranty will not cover wear and tear (paint finish, tires, tubes, brake pads, brake and gear cables and housing, etc), user’s abuse, unauthorized disassembly, improper assembly or improper maintenance, installation of parts or accessories not originally intended, or any modification of the bicycle.

Note: the Chedech has been designed to carry riders of no more than 100kgs in weight.  Warranty is voided if riders heavier than this use the bicycle.


  • All damage resulting from any accident (collision, falling-off) caused by the rider’s carelessness
  • All damage resulting from the rider’s abuse (jumping, falling etc) and any abnormal use of the bicycle, such as mountain biking, extreme sports
  • All damage resulting from the bicycle being raced, or participating in a bicycle race
  • All damage resulting from man-made, natural disasters
  • All damage resulting from transportation as cargo (by car, train, ship, air etc)

Any Warranty claim must be accompanied by the original Warranty Card stamped by the Dealer including the purchase date, user’s name, dealer’s name etc or any revisions in the warranty form.

This warranty only covers the repair or the replacement of the defective parts. If it becomes impossible to supply the parts due to specification change, or any other reason, we may supply a suitable replacement instead.

Warranty is valid for Original Owner only. Warranty is non-transferable.

The warranty period shall start from the date of the purchase of this product. To qualify for warranty,

  • a completed warranty card/record stamped and dated by an authorized Chedech dealer must be presented
  • the bicycle must have been assembled and adjusted by an authorized Chedech dealer.

Labour cost and other charges (shipping cost etc) necessary for replacing parts is not covered by the warranty. Chedech will bear only the replacement itself under warranty and the return shipping. For products that are eligible for Warranty, Chedech will cover the cost of shipping.

Neither Chedech nor its Distributors or Dealers are responsible for any shipping or transportation costs for sending and receiving the products for repair.

This warranty does not affect the statutory rights of the consumer as defined under any applicable consumer laws.

19.How much will chedech cost?

Visit or contact the nearest dealer or visit our homepage “Online Store” top of this page.

20.Forms of payment are accepted?

Paypal and TT.