Company Info. was established in 2000 and has been working in the sports business for more than a decade.
As an agent of the German bike brand Corratec, we have always wanted to create a new high end bike brand and released Kanaph carbon wheel sets and several carbon parts for the past two years.
We have also been developing this new bike design, “Chedech,” which means righteousness in the Hebrew language.
As a company spirit, we cherish social justice, and two wings spread wide symbolize the social righteousness. will continue to study and design high end carbon bikes and upgrade Chedech each year.

CEO’s Message

I am a folding bike enthusiast and also a businessman.
I do not want to design, manufacture, and release something that is beyond the market demand.
Rather, I want to dive into a specific place of need.
In this case, I saw a need, and I am trying to fill it.
There are many folding bikes on the market, but Chedech is unique for several reasons, most notably due to the use of carbon fiber.
Creating a safe and strong carbon folding bike is not easy, and perhaps many have tried and failed!
We were also frustrated several times.
We made the first sample well over a year ago.
It had a complete line-up of molds for all important parts, including main and rear frames.
But it was trash! It was shaky, and not worthy of being called, “Folding Bike.”
There were times I thought a carbon folding bike could not be made.
Actually, most of the single lined frame bike made of carbon are a bit shaky, and you cannot ride them as comfortably as most standard composition bikes.
There are several bike companies in China making cheap one-line main frame minivelos, but I am fairly sure they are not suitable or useable for European, American, Australian, etc. cyclists.
The expectations and standards are much higher in developed countries.
Producing such a bike is a difficult and hazardous task for a bike business person, but I did not know that when I started.
I am not a mad scientist, crazy inventor, or rich guy with a hobby to build a bike — I’m a business person who sincerely wants to produce a folding bike that has all the features and properties you guys dream of.
That would be the ultimate folding bike.
I sincerely hope Chedech can live up to the expectations!

Greetings from Oscar